The legendary Bob Marley was a Jamaican musician, singer-songwriter and Rastafarian. His life was comprised of love, sadness, insight into the human spirit, and Godgiven talent. He was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the ska, rocksteady and reggae bands: The Wailers (1964 – 1974) and Bob Marley & the Wailers (1974 – 1981). His departure from this planet came too soon and at a point when his vision of One World and One Love was beginning to be heard and felt around the globe. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences at that time for any musical act in Europe. Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited for helping spread Jamaican music to the worldwide audience.

The Sageman Trading Company is thrilled and honored to be working with the Marley family and be the only authorized djembe drum manufacturer in the world that carries Bob’s likeness. We offer a line of limited edition djembe drums that feature deep carving, hand-painting, Rasta colors, and a limited edition Bob Marley coin that is embedded into each drum. We feel we’ve built a drum that is fitting of a legend.
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