Our Story

Back in 1997 Jim "Sageman" Knapp and his lovely wife Kris dared to dream big and from the trunk of their car Sageman Drums was born. It's hard to believe that more than ten years have passed since those early days but here we are.

While Sageman has grown, the vibe remains the same. Jim and Kris got their start as dedicated "Deadheads" and Music Festival fans, traveling the country loving the energy and community these events created. The idea was hatched and the first Sageman Drum booth was born. Small but mighty that idea has evolved into the big beautiful Sageman Drum City and Community Drum Temple seen today at the many Music Festivals they attend each year.

Today the Knapps are the proud and hard working owners of one of the most unique small companies in the music industry. Never forgetting their roots, the Knapps have stayed true to their mission; to produce and make available the most unique and innovative Djembe Drums, Old World Hand Percussion, Drum Wear, Jewelry, Accessories, and authentic hand crafted goods from Bali and beyond!

Today Sageman is undergoing its biggest change to date. We're leaving our offices in Southern California and heading north. From our new home in the Redwoods we'll be working from the brand new Sageman Drum Co. offices and warehouse. Along with our new website we've been quite busy and we're proud to share with you these accomplishments made entirely possible by you, the legions of Sageman supporters - Thanks!

Sageman Drums continues to operate as a nationwide wholesale and retail provider of Djembe Drums. Our specialty has become low-run exotic carved djembes with designs that you won't find anywhere else in the world. We also produce a line of djembe drum clothing or "Drumwear" along with djembe accessories and other hand percussion. Sageman Drums is the offical designer of Djembe Drum products for the Bob Marley family, the Grateful Dead, the San Diego Zoo, and the Walt Disney company.

The favorite part of our business continues to be our presence on the California Reggae festival circuit. You'll find the Sageman Drums booth at all the major festivals in California each year. The booth is always a great place to stop by and meet us, other people, and just jam!

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