Peace Drum Dark
Peace Drum DarkPeace Drum DarkPeace Drum Dark

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    Peace Drum Dark

    We’ve redesigned our very popular Sageman “Drum for Peace”. The drum features a deep carved peace sign with shell inlay on one side and two deep carved doves on the other. Beautiful and available in both light and dark finishes this high quality drum and the message of peace it carries couldn’t be timelier. All Sageman drums start with a handpicked piece of solid mahogany. The shell is precision lathe cut and then hand carved. This is an excellent drum for someone with small hands or someone learning to play a djembe for the first time. The sound quality is excellent and well suited for a drum circle.

    Please allow for variations in carving style and rope color as all Sageman Djembes are made by hand and vary slightly from one drum to the next.

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