Djembe Repair

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    Djembe Repair
    12" Head Repair

    Sageman Drums is proud to offer its world class djembe repair service to the public. We’re one of the only full service djembe repair shops in the continental United States. Like our drums, our repair service is top of the line. When you send your drum to us for repair be assured we only use high quality goatskins that have been hand inspected by our repair staff and all our work is guaranteed. To place an order, measure your drum head (see image diagram), make sure that you place an order for the appropriate head size. Once your paid order has been placed ship the drum to us at PO Box 100 (If using the USPS) or 10500 Dyerville Loop Road, Myers Flat, CA 95554 (all other carriers). Once the drum has been repaired, we will ship the drum back to you and pick up the return shipping charges.

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